"I respect you and this time of great change for your family. I will make myself available to you on a daily basis by phone, cell and/or internet." Anastasia Sheldon

Anastasia hires and pays a professional photographer in order to show your home in its best light.  Anastasia and her team then create a visual-based listing that tells a compelling story about your home.  A property address is purchased for your home (ex. Next, it is integrated into this website and many other places as well. Click here to see a sample of a recent online listing.

Staging has become increasingly important in showing your home in the most valuable manner.  Staging can greatly increase the earnings on your home. Anastasia assists you in deciding if staging is necessary for you. She will coordinate the stager for you.

How buyers perceive your home is often greatly influenced by their first impression.  Anastasia helps you coordinate landscapers, landscape architects and gardeners to make sure that the first impression of your home is a great impression.

Anastasia brings in a diverse group of agents to preview your property in advance of your MLS listing. Those agents may assist us in determining the value of your property.

Email Newsletters
Anastasia sends newsletters to both clientele and agents with "Coming Soon" and Just Listed" visual announcements. Photography is used. Click here to see a sample of a newsletter listing.

84% of new homebuyers search the Internet. It is critical to reach those buyers. Your listing is downloaded to the appropriate internet sites. The following is just a partial list of internet sites that will have your listing:

2. Marin IJ
3. Craig's list
4. Trulia
8. (The Wall Street Journal)

MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Your home will be listed on the MLS as soon as it is ready to show.  

Anastasia personally calls at least twenty agents who sell in your area to inform them that a very special home is coming on the market. They will hear details about your home's the most exciting features.  Further, she personally calls back any agent that previews your home to discover what they thought of the price and features which she then passes on to you, the seller, in an email or call.

Anastasia holds many Sunday afternoon Open Homes. She places your Sunday Open Home event in both the Marin IJ and Pacific Sun newspapers as well as online listings.
You will receive a call Sunday evenings letting you know how many people came through and visitor feedback regarding the value and features. In addition, Anastasia calls the agent of any Sunday open buyers to inform them that their client was at the open home and to acquire any client feedback they may have received.

Anastasia works diligently to communicate buyers' feedback in a timely manner.


Anastasia works with an excellent team of transaction coordinators at Marin Modern Realtors. We coordinate inspections, timelines, as well as organize any escrow instructions for you.

Communication between your agent and you is critical for a smooth and satisfying home sales experience.

"I respect you and this exciting time of change for your family. I will make myself available to you on a daily basis by phone, cell and/or Internet."
Anastasia Sheldon